CSI: Fact & Fiction

Join us on Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 pm for CSI: Fact & Fiction. Do popular crime shows on television accurately depict the role of forensic science in solving crimes? Discuss the myths and realities of crime scene investigations with Professor Mike Cross. You’ll learn the strengths and limitations of modern forensics and have the chance to test your own skills at crime solving!

A chemistry professor at Northern Essex Community College, Cross holds a doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Utah, where he specialized in oxidative lesions in DNA and RNA.

Space is limited, sign up required. Call 978-388-8148 to sign up.

A Journey Through Rock in 50 Concerts

Join us on Thursday, April 18 at 7:00 pm for A Journey Through Rock in 50 Concerts with WZLX’s Carter Alan. Author Carter Alan, longtime DJ and music director at WZLX in Boston, will discuss his book, “The Decibel Diaries: A Journey Through Rock In 50 Concerts.” Sometimes a rock concert is more than just an event. Every so often a band’s performance becomes a musical milestone, a cultural watershed, a political statement, and a personal apotheosis. On any given night, a rock concert can tell the truth about who we are, where we are, and what’s going on in music and life right now. Alan will chronicle a lifetime in rock with a tour through fifty concerts that defined such moments — from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young playing in the rain when Richard Nixon resigned to Talking Heads and the first stirrings of punk in the basement bars of New York and Boston. For each event, Alan shows us what it was like to be there and telescopes out to reveal how this show fit into the arc of the artist’s career, the artist’s place in music, and the music’s place in the wider world. Q&A and book selling/signing to follow for those interested. 

Space is limited, sign up required. Call 978-388-8148 to sign up.

Ceiling Construction

The Amesbury Public Library will be undergoing repairs to a portion of the main floor ceiling beginning Wednesday, January 2. In order to safely accommodate this construction a section of the Library will need to be cleared and cordoned off to staff and patrons. Unfortunately, this means we will be without use of our public internet computers. Computers have been packed up and stored therefore, we have no internet access computers during the construction project. You may visit one of our great neighboring libraries if you need computer access (Salisbury, Newburyport, or Merrimac).

Thank you for your patience as the Library works through these much needed safety repairs. All hours will be subject to change during construction. Please visit our Facebook page or our website for updates regarding hours.