In addition to our physical collections, your Amesbury Public Library card also offers instant access to a variety of eCollections for kids, teens, and adults. Alternatively, an e-card is ideal if you do not plan on visiting the library, but still wish to access our digital collections. Sign up for an eCard for immediate access to these collections. 

Take a look at the newest titles in Libby/OverDrive to get a sense of what our largest eContent provider offers!

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Expanded Access to eBooks, eAudiobooks, & eMagazines in Libby/Overdrive!

Your Amesbury Public Library card allows you to borrow digital materials from all of the state's public library networks. You can browse other library networks’ collections in a web browser or from the Libby app on your mobile device. 

Other MA library networks to borrow from: 

  • Boston Public Library 
  • CLAMS 
  • CW MARS 
  • Minuteman Library Network 
  • NOBLE 
  • Old Colony Library Network 
  • SAILS 

Expanded Access in Libby: One-Time Setup

Add multiple libraries and cards in Libby. Use your Amesbury card number to log in as a guest to each network. This is a one-time setup, after which you will remain logged in to all of the library networks you’ve added. Our reference librarians are happy to assist with this setup!

  1. After downloading the Libby app, tap the menu icon (3 lines) in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. In the menu that opens, scroll down until you see “Add a Library.” 
  3. Tap “Add a Library.” 
  4. Search for the name of the library network that you want to add by typing in the box.
  5. Select the corresponding result. 
  6. Once you’ve added the library, you will be directed to that network's Libby page where you can browse the collection. 
  7. From here, tap the menu icon again, as in the first step. 
  8. Now, in the menu that opens, when you scroll down, you’ll see the networks you have added. 
  9. To add your Amesbury card for the desired network, tap “See Library Cards.” 
  10. Tap “Add another library card” or “Add library card.” 
  11. Tap “I’m visiting from another library.” 
  12. Scroll down until you find "Merrimack Valley Library patrons."
  13. Tap "Merrimack Valley Library patrons." 
  14. Enter your Amesbury card number and PIN (usually the last four digits of the phone number on file with us). 

You can toggle between libraries to search and borrow from by tapping the menu icon, then tapping the library you want to search. You can also use the library card logo on the "search" screen to toggle which library to search.

After searching for a title in one network, if you find the title, you can tap the library card icon that appears to the right of the title to see if it is available or has a shorter waitlist than other networks that you’ve added your card to. Unfortunately, this feature only works if you get a result.  

If you don't find the title you're looking for, you can turn on "Deep Search" by tapping the filter icon on the search results page (three horizontal lines that get progressively narrower). Deep Search shows titles that aren't owned by the library you searched; they may be available from other libraries you've added, or you can request to be notified if a library you've added purchases a copy of the title.

Expanded Access in Overdrive: Search Other Networks

  1. In a web browser, go to the OverDrive website.
  2. Click on “Partner Libraries” in the uppermost menu.
  3. Select a library from this list to search their collection.  
  4. When you click "borrow," select the option to log in as a Merrimack Valley Library patron.
  5. Use your Amesbury Public Library card number and PIN (usually the last four digits of the phone number on file with us) to log in and borrow the item.