Early Literacy 

Welcome to programs for our youngest patrons! 

These programs and resources offer different literacy and learning opportunities for your child from Infancy to kindergarten! 

If you are interested in our preschool storytimes, please visit Storytimes to learn about those programs.

Two bears reading back to back, one small and one big

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program

Ongoing program

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is a national program that is intended to promote reading together with your child. The more words and books a child is exposed to in their early years, the more likely they are to love reading! Research has shown that infants start taking in information around them almost immediately, so it is never too early to start!

This program is an amazing way to encourage literacy and a love of words. Give your child important skills as well as create some wonderful memories of reading together. 

What’s this all about? 

Our program is simple: 

  • SIGN UP online using the Registration Form or come into the library.
  • RECORD AND READ: You just have to keep track of the number of books, not the titles.
    • If you read the same book again and again, it counts each time you read it!  
    • You can download and print the sheets below, ask for sheets at the youth services desk, or download the free app called 1000 Books Before Kindergarten in any app store! 
  • TURN IN YOUR READING SHEETS: Each time you reach 100 books, turn in your sheet and get another or just show us your app. 
    • For every 100 books you read together, you’ll get a sticker and a little bag of Mega-Blocs so you can build up a collection! You’ll also get to put your name on our counting wall!
    • 500 books= a free picture book 
    • 1,000 books = awesome community coupon for a Flatbread Pizza! 
  • THAT’S ALL...Well, except that you and your child will have cuddle time, build literacy skills, and learn new things.  

How can we read 1000 books!?! 

If you read just one book a day, you will reach 1000 in less than 3 years! 

When can I start? 

You can start any month or at any time of year from the moment your child is born. Just come in and ask us! The idea is just to have read the 1,000 books before your child starts kindergarten. 

What do we read?

Anything you’d like! Need some fresh ideas for books? Ask us! We can also curate a selection of books that we would recommend for you to pick up at the circulation desk. You can request those online at the Personalized Pick-Up Form or send us an email ys@amesburylibrary.org