Upcoming Storytimes

Next sessions:

  • In-person storytimes for 2 - 6 year olds will resume in spring 2024
  • Second session of Storytime Take-Out kits program will begin Feb. 26, 2024 
    You can register through our event calendar, in the youth services room, by emailing, or calling 978-388-8148 x618

STEAM Storytimes for 2-6 years old

This weekly in-person program is open to anyone with a child 2 – 6 years old and may include stories, some interactive activities, and action songs! Families will enjoy stations with interactive activities at the end of each program.

This program is outdoors, and we encourage you to bring a blanket to sit on. 

No registration is required. If the weather is terrible, we will cancel the program, so check our social media and calendar for updates in case of bad weather.

Expectations for this program:


Do respect the space of the staff member doing the program. If your child is in front of the book or felt board, other families cannot see.

Do participate! Adults are role models for kids, so sing the songs and do the movements. We want you involved!

Do allow your child to wander around if they need to. There is plenty of space outdoors, but make sure they are not distracting others. 

Do wait to do the activities on the tables until invited by staff members. 

Do try to arrive on time as setting up your blanket and settling down can be distracting, although we understand that some days are harder to get out the door than others, and you are still welcome after the program has started!

Do be mindful that some kids have food allergies. If you bring a snack, please keep it in your own area. 

Do bring water and other drinks as some days can get hot!


Don't worry if you have to bring siblings who are younger or older as they are also welcome. If a sibling becomes too distracting, we ask that you step away from the programming area. 

Don't feel like you have to stay for the whole program. If your child is not feeling it that day, you can certainly leave and try again the next week.

Don't have conversations when staff are reading. Even quiet conversations can become distracting to those attending. There is plenty to time to talk while the children are engaged in the interaction stations and before and after the program.